Enriched Learning Australia provides

  • Tailored one-to-one tuition by qualified (bachelor degree) teacher;
  • For struggling, average, advanced and/or gifted students;
  • Help with low motivation, underachievement, fixed mindset, undiagnosed learning inhibitors, disengagement and test anxiety;
  • For students who need hands-on, non-technology approaches, self-correcting strategies, encouragement and challenges;
  • Enrichment which leads to confidence, resilience and success!!

Enriched Learning Balmain Learning Studio at 2b Booth Street, behind Gladstone Park and opposite Balmain Hospital.

What we do
  • Run one-to-one, one hour, lessons weekly for nine weeks a term;
  • Provide in-depth reports every two terms of attendance;
  • Supply detailed achievement assessment reports for school applications and psychologists;
  • Teach lessons on topics relevant to Australian Curriculum in the domains of English and Mathematics;
  • Utilises a vertical curriculum, which means students progress is encouraged beyond expectation for their age/grade;
  • Allow flexibility within the individual programs to adjust where school reports highlight areas of need;
  • Provide continuity of teaching by assigning a teacher who stays with the student regardless of change of ability;
  • Employ only qualified teachers who have taught or are teaching in the Australian schooling system.
  • Provide all learning materials including a fully stocked ‘classroom’ which we call the learning studio, where manipulatives for maths activities, educational games and a variety of subjects, books, and displays are present all year.
  • Value student work by presenting them with a story book of their stories annually.
  • Provide a homework plan to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning, time-manage in preparation for secondary school, and ‘exercise’ their brain daily.
  • Provide a variety of problem-solving strategies and diverse problem formats to prepare students for the diversity of test questions they will come across.

Your Teachers

Veronica Schwedes

Managing Director/Program Coordinator

Subjects: English (K-Yr10); Maths (K-Yr6)

Qualifications: Graduation Certificate of Education (Gifted Education);Bachelor of Education (Primary);SPELD (Specific Learning Difficulties Association for NSW) Teachers’ Certificate (2019)

Experience: Private and public sectors of Education in Victoria and NSW.

History/Geography and English Teacher to year10. NAPLAN supervisor.

GERRIC holiday program for gifted students, volunteer assistant teacher.

Matt Platts

Mathematics Teacher (Primary and Secondary)

Qualifications: Post Graduate Student of Masters of Secondary Mathematics Education. Chartered Accountant. BA Hons Mathematics and Computation.

Matt is passionate about teaching students the fun in mathematics. While finding the gaps in student’s learning and filling them with tricks and strategies, Matt manages to show students amazing ‘magic’ puzzles and mathematical tricks. As a mature-aged student in university, Matt, also a family man, brings the experience of working with maths in ‘real world’ jobs in the finance sector. If your child needs more than school offers to excite them about mathematics, ask Veronica how you can enrol your child in lessons with Matt.

Alison Strong

English recovery, Mathematics and Chemistry Teacher

Qualifications: Masters of Teaching (USYD); Bachelor of Science (UTS)

Experience Five years high-school teaching experience, teaching HSC Chemistry and all levels special needs. Literacy and numeracy support teacher, including working with MacqLit and supporting a range of learning-challenged students. Her ‘real-world’ experiences also include studying for a career in pharmacy. Alison is bright and cheery and ready to motivate our evening students so, if you have an upper primary or secondary student struggling with maths and/or sciences, Alison could be your child’s personal teacher.

Roland Marshall

English, History and humanities Teacher

Qualifications: Currently completing a Master of Secondary History Education

Experience Roland’s pre-teaching experience included roles in the Australian Defence Force: Peacekeeping overseas; and Youth mentoring in rural NSW.Roland has studied history, politics and teaching at Macquarie and Charles Sturt Universities. He is passionate about literature, humanities and English. Roland is also employed to proofread materials for various organisations. He has a genuine interest in engaging students in the learning materials and looks for their interests to inspire future lessons. If your child is starting to lose interest in the English language (it is so complex and frustrating sometimes isn’t it?!) then Roland can help them find their passion for learning again.